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Orange favors gender equality within its company

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Orange is one of the main telecommunications operators as it serves 250 million customers around the world. The CSR is deeply embedded in the culture and the history of the company. Orange has been built on founding values guiding their principles of action regarding all its stakeholders. Orange especially encourages gender equality within the company.


  • To encourage mobility toward jobs in the technical branch (“networks and IT”)
  • To make women and men work better together and change women’s mentalities as well as men’s
  • To fight stereotypes
  • To prepare the future, given our demographic curve
  • To contribute to our improvement to meet our commitments regarding the professional equality agreement


Particular attention is paid to the recruitments of more women, especially with alternating employees. Orange wants to guarantee equal opportunities to females as much as to males. In the so-called “technical” jobs such as network and IT sectors, the feminization in technical branches is a big issue.

To counter the facts, since the 2015-2016 back-to-school period, Orange has created a class of 11 women to train them so that they gain the Company Telecommunication Network Engineer title. 3 additional classes are going to open from the school start of 2016.

The 4th agreement on professional gender equality of Orange covering the period from 2014 to 2016 corroborates the commitments that Orange has made since 2004 on professional equality. It reinforces the actions favoring the feminization of recruitments and mobility and strengthens the steering of the measures related to wages and promotion equality. It brings new commitments favoring professional evolution for women, especially for non-executive women. The local councils for professional equality, strengthened by this new agreement will allow for the action plans to be employee-driven more efficiently.

In the context of the company’s professional equality policy, the directors of Orange Nord de France set up a Local Council which purpose is to monitor the action plan with the social partners and the link-actors of professional equality in business units.

The Network of women:The Network of women, created in 2014, is the first initiative of this kind from Orange France. The purpose of this internal association is to promote gender mix and diversity within our sector and to assist women in their personal development and in thinking about their professional project. To fight against stereotypes, the Network is open to men who care to make things evolve in this issue.


  • Top Employer Global 2016: this global certification congrats the best policies and practices in terms of human resources programs
  • Award of “les pépites de l’alternance Nord de France” (the best of sandwich courses in the North of France): award for the work committed to diversity, gender mix


The Network, a few figures for the operational management of the North of France:

  • 267 members and 20% men in 2016
  • Actions carried out for executives but also non-executives in order to fight against “glass ceilings”
152 000 (2018)
41,1 milliards € (2015)


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