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ROQUETTE is committed to supporting disabled people – SACHa project

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Roquette is a French company present on 3 continents (21 production sites) that processes plant raw materials. This is a family business with strong human values, demonstrating its commitment as a good corporate citizen via a number of actions. One of these relates to its disabled worker employment policy, falling in line with a project named SACHa: “Savoir Accompagner Chaque Handicap” (having the capacity to address all disabilities).


  • To develop an employment policy targeted at disabled workers.
  • To reach, at the least, the 6% rate required by the law dated 11 February 2005


Roquette first set up a multidisciplinary group made up of employees from various departments (including social and medical departments, but alsoshop stewards, etc.) and gave the project a name, so that it may be firmly fixed in the mind of every employee - SACHa (“SavoirAccompagner Chaque Handicap”). In order to provide training to the members of this group, Bretagne Ateliers (France’s largest company having the appropriate facilities), a business located in Brittany involved in automotive sub-contracting, became involved, along with APFETH (“Association Pour Favoriser l’Emploi des Travailleurs Handicapés” – Association for the employment of disabled workers) to train coaches in charge of disabled people.

Four key concepts to work upon were defined:

- Educating people about disability improving awareness
- Preserving the jobs of physically and/or mentally disabled employees
- Enhancing the inclusion of disabled people in the employment process
- Continued cooperation with businesses from the protected environment

The first project was launched in November 2010, during the week for the employment of disabled people, via a poster campaign, a quiz, a performance by a theatre company and a conference for all employees. This week dedicated for the employment of disabled people in November 2010 was a success (theater, posters, conferences, etc.). 

Roquette repeats the event each year, including in particular the establishment of thematic workshops and sports activities, inviting employees to place themselves in the situation of a disabled worker, with the assistance of the Handisport association.

The 6% required workforce by law has not yet been achieved but progress is visible.

Best Practice selected by the World Forum Lille  in 2010 and updated in 2015 for its evolution.


  • Image of a good corporate citizen
  • Action in line with the group’s values: respect, confidence and solidarity


  • Enhanced solidarity in teams: able-bodied employees are more attentive to others’ needs.
  • Image of a socially responsible employer both in house and externally
  • Promotion of diversity
  • Disabled person employment rate growing:
    2012: 4.6%
    2013: 4.6%
    2014: 5.2%
8000 (2015)
3,3 Milliards € (2015)


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62136 Lestrem


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