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SABANCI empowering women in Turkey

2. Human Rights

Human Rights and basic ILO principles


The Sabanci Group is composed of 69 companies, many of which are recognized as market leaders in their respective sectors. Sabanci Holding’s main business units include financial services, automotive, tire and tire reinforcement materials, retail, cement and energy.

The Sabanci family has contributed greatly to furthering Turkish economy with numerous industrial conglomerates and investments since the establishment of the Sabanci Holding and Sabanci Group companies in 1967. Having placed much importance on the value of social and cultural institutions, the Sabanci family members are prominent figures in various charitable initiatives. 


  •  Since 2004, 60% increase of women elected in local elections


The Sabanci Foundation and the Sabanci University work closely with The United Nations Joint Program (UNJP). Their goal is to achieve long-lasting results with reference to gender equality and women’s rights.

Local Equality Action Plans:  Created by the local partners of the UNJP in the 6 program cities in Turkey which work towards ensuring the adoption of gender as a local administration philosophy.  These Action Plans are in a sense the equality roadmaps of the program cities, and include strategies that enable women to take part in local decision-making processes and improve their living conditions, in addition to local service models that bring these strategies to life. Of the total amount of USD 2.8 million in the Joint Program budget, the Sabanci Foundation provided for 1.6 million

Sabanci has already awarded 1313 high school teachers with the Purple Certificate. The goal of this training program, which takes place at Sabanci University Campus, is to:

Making gender studies the core of high school education while focusing on the sensibility of the issue, the principle of ‘learning how to learn’, and to empower and support high school teachers to develop strategies about education with gender awareness.

The “Community Service Bus” was designed collaboratively by the Sabanci Foundation and TEMSA, a leading bus and coach brand, in order to provide education, individual development and cultural services to citizens in remote areas and targets women and girls.


  •  A socially responsible image: The UNJP has been chosen by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as one of the “Best Rights-Oriented Projects of the World”


  •  Since 2004, 60% increase of women elected in local elections

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