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SITA NORD SUEZ ENVIRONMENT uses work-study programs as a lever for recruitment

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


SITA North is a subsidiary of Suez Environnement. It has 1,000 employees and its headquarters is in Valenciennes, France(59). Facing the challenges of scarcity of natural resources, the company naturally accelerates its growth course in the business of collecting, sorting and recycling waste. The field of ​​waste management is strong in job creation and SITA North mobilizes talented employees to develop the expertise of tomorrow. 


-Provide opportunities for youth to engage in an active life by benefitting from an adapted professional guidance.

- Raise awareness among schools and candidates for diversity of jobs offered by SITA, a specialist in global waste management,

- Feeding a pool of "promising" youth to manage the evolution of business and the renewal of certain positions in the middle term within SITA North or in the group


The number of employees in the sector doubled between 1992 and 2005, reaching at present to around 100,000 in France. This rapid growth poses many challenges for human resources: recruiting while diversifying the profiles in a growing sector, integrate and train new employees, develop skills.... SITA North’s social policy wants to create value for the company.

SITA North has been involved in training since 2005 and listed this as a major focus of the HR policy of the company.

In 2010/2011, SITA North holds its sixth year work-study class with 17 young people having apprenticeship contracts. To accompany these young people and respect their training / learning balance, employees are trained in tutoring.

To strengthen integration, SITA North invites young people, their company tutors, and representatives of partner schools in a day devoted to the presentation of the company and the Group, including site visits. Halfway through, a Monitoring Committee evaluates the mission and progress of the young intern.  


- 22 positions filled through this program
- Successful long-term hiring


- Since 2005, home to 62 students: of the 34 who completed their work-study diploma, 22 have integrated in the SITA North teams.  

CA 2010 : Sita France 3,3 milliards € , Suez Environnement 13,9 Milliards e


BP 70001
59316 VALENCIENNES Cedex 9


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