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SNCF strives for a diverse workforce

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


SNCF positions diversity at the core of its vision with the ambition that its employees reflect its clients differences, from social to geographic and cultural diversity. Such an ambition requires a human resource approach based on the promotion of diversity and an in-depth dialogue with social partners. 


  • Place the promotion of the diversity at the heart of the human resources strategic approach.
  • Diversify employees profile with an emphasis on skills and equal treatment throughout the organization.


Disability and employment

In 2016, SNCF counts 6 726 employees with disabilities compared to just over 3 000 in 2002. In 2015, all union organizations signed a new agreement planning to recruit 700 employees with disabilities over the 2015-2017 period.  

Gender diversity

“SNCF au Féminin” (SNCF’s Women’s Network) continues to thrive. The network missions are to promote the integration of women on traditionally men-held position, to ensure professional and family life balance and to raise awareness among the Group’s managers. In 2016, 5 000 SNCF women participated to the network activities. 

Opening to less-favored neighborhood

The “Week for equal opportunity” becomes entrenched with the mission to recruit candidates from less-favored neighborhoods. In the group as a whole, candidates from popular neighborhoods represent 18% of the recruitment processes. 

Foster youth employment

In 2016, SNCF offered 7 179 work-study contracts and recruited 1 180 former work-study students on a long-term contract. 

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy in 2012 and updated in 2017.


The promotion of diversity fosters:

  • Gain in public recognition for the group societal policy
  • Reinforce SNCF image among its employees
  • Develop new international markets for the group
  • Diversify its approach for human resources and enhance its teams


    Among its global workforce, SNCF employs:

    • 24.2% of women, a rising figure (against 20.8% in 2014)
    • 28 % of women executives, a rising figure (against 25.67% in 2014)
    • 4.5 % of employees with disabilities
    • 12 % of employees over 55 years old (against 9% in 2014)
      260 000 (2017)
      33.5 milliards d’euros (2017)


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