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SOCIETE GENERALE manages the maternity of its employees

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


After doubling the number of its employees from 1996 to 2003, the Société Générale Group continues its growth and global expansion. They want to    reinforce their attractiveness to draw, include and develop loyalty with      talents. The objective of promoting equality between men and women at work is set in the agreement signed on 30 June 2005 by Management and four trade unions.


The agreement relies on principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment between women and men. Actions defined by the agreement are intended to neutralise the effects of maternity leave with promotions and training.


Communication - An internal communication campaign is in progress to     promote measures aimed at reaching a better balance between work and personal life.

Recruitment - Société Générale is committed to making the proportion of   applicants recruited reflect the diversity and gender rates of applications    received.

Société Générale also presents banking jobs in certain schools to encourage young women engaged in scientific courses to turn to banking, where        positions are mainly held by men.

Training - When they return form a maternity or parental leave, women are considered as a priority public in connection with professionalisation periods. They will systematically be offered “refresher actions” related to their work stations to become aware of the various changes.

Managing return - Geographic mobility also is examined depending on family constraints. For women aged 45 and more, who had at least one child, cases will be examined to identify any differences in their situations following a maternity leave.


  • The effects of employees’ maternity leave on the organisation mode of the company are less significant as they are well anticipated.
  • Women are fully dedicated to their work.


  • Women executives now account for 36.5%. The objective is to reach 40% by 2008.
  • Concerning compensation, all women on leave were eligible to collective increases and their cases where examined for any personal increases.


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