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TRENOIS DECAMPS values its people and their initiatives

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


An enterprise with 330 employees, TRENOIS DECAMPS is the leading retailer of hardware for construction professionals in the Grand Nord regions. Trenois Decamps bases its projects on its people and implements governance based on its values: Expertise, Proximity, Availability, and Conviviality. 


  • Placing people at the heart of the enterprise


Convinced that the long-term viability of the enterprise is related to the long-term career development of its employees, the directors of Trenois Decamps apply a policy that recognizes the value of its people, their initiatives and their professional careers, and that creates stability in terms of employment:

  • Integration of men and women who  have a “gleam in their eyes”, who share the values of simplicity and authenticity
  • Development of expertise of teams by relying on the experience of senior members (transmission of knowledge)  
  • Equal opportunity and equal sharing of profits and participation
  • Management by proximity, mobilized to detect talents internally
  • On-line testimonials from employees about their careers at the enterprise


Employees feel pride in belonging to the company, are motivated and always involved


       -  70 people in 2010

       -  62 people in 2011


95 % CDI and 96 % of trial periods validated

Women: 50 % of hires 2011 – The sector is becoming women-led!

Seniors: 20 % of workforce

87 % of employees say they learned and made progress during the year

75 %  of agency managers come from internal promotion

33 % of employees benefit from career development

    330 salariés (2010)
    85 M euros (2010)


    5 rue du centre, ZI de la Pilaterie
    BP 102
    59290 WASQUEHAL

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