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VINCI accompanies their seniors nearing retirement

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


As part of their social responsibility, the Vinci Group wishes to promote diversity and equal opportunities.  In the construction industry, which is particularly affected by the harsh labour, keeping seniors in employment is an important issue.


  •   To fight against all forms of discrimination and educate employees.
  •   Undertake concrete actions for senior citizens and evaluate the results.
  •   Reduce hard labour and enhance the passing on of knowledge.


In 2007, 46,000 employees of the group participated in raising awareness on the preventing discrimination in a document named "more diversity in the workplace." The same year, Vinci asked the social rating agency Vigéo to do an audit on its social performance. : Depending on the level of commitment in each area, the results range from 1 ("at risk") to 4 ("Advanced") as well as 2 ("Beginner") and 3 ("conclusive").

Regarding seniors, the group was awarded level 3 and level 4 in certain subsidiaries:

- Hiring of senior workers (7.5% of recruitment world).

-Temporary management of employment and skills, access to internal mobility.

- Enhancement of knowledge; "tutoring" projects or "master builders".

- Reduction of hard labour and health protection.

The Vinci Construction Agency at Bourdarios, was qualified as "best in class" for its exemplary engagement for seniors.

In this agency, the process is started from 2005. 4 or 5 years away from retirement, the employee makes an appointment with you to discuss the direction of his job. 3 solutions are proposed:

- Remain at his job with some adjustments if necessary (working hours, certain tasks eliminated).

- Become a mentor and work in tandem with a newcomer (transmitted knowledge).

- Change jobs within the group and train for a less painful new type of position (internal).



  •   Transmission of knowledge and skills.
  •   Employees of the group which have a positive outlook on the future become more motivated and loyal.
  •   Differentiation from the competition for the management of seniors: positive internal and external effects.


  •   Improving well being at work.
  •   “Model” effect of a best practice for the management of seniors on subsidiaries and other companies.


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