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VITAME encourages the development of its employees to provide a quality service

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


VITAME is SME created in Lille (Nord) in 2006, which employs 29 people. It helps keeping care-dependent persons at home by providing personalized services: wash and change of clothes housework, delivery of meals adapted to the needs and financial ressources of customers.

VITAME is a company that integrates CSR in its daily life and in its social project: making the employee progress, developing their skills, and offer the customers always "more quality"

To achieve this, VITAME chose to implement the promotion of diversity, the fight against discirmination, and a wage policy that recognizes and gives value to the work of its agents.

All these measures enable the company to grow in a shared and peaceful manner.




  • Social objectives: 

Improving the situation of the intervening person to improve that of the customer
Combatting all types of discrimination and exclusion

  • Economic objectives:
Finding the balance between the recipient's comfort and that of the employee
Creating jobs in the Nord region for people who have difficulties to access employment


Recruitment and training

A diversified recruitment which combats exclusion thanks to a recruitment tool (LUCIDE): Structured interviews, with the same questions, the same duration, and the same analytical grid of answers. This tool enables to avoid being influenced by subjective evaluations of the candidate, and also to only consider the qualities and skills required for the job.

Then, employees undertake a training program to completely integrate them:

  • The integration procedure includes a 3 and 1/2 hour long training session on the operating rules and to get to know the company and its activites, then a one month tutoring performed by employees with experience in the position.
  • A monthly continuous training with concrete and practical modules is organized: Ergonomy module, pathology, meal preparation for elderly people. These modules are based on the Assistance de vie au famille (Life assistance for families) training program. It is complemented by basic training on housework and ergonomy, which raises awareness on working postures, cleaning methods and safety.

Accompanying employees

Support is being provided for employees in difficulty (i.e: who cannot read or write). A "movement and position" training is a skills improvement session for housework assistants, who can then continue to work with a customer requiring services to individuals. Other examples of support:

  • training puts all employees on the same level in terms of basic functioning rules of a community: what am I to do in case of sick leave? How do I know the rights I am entitled to in the company, etc
  • a housework assistant employee can be accompanied by the sector manager to undertake training to attain the status of Assistante de vie (caregiver). After 3 years of experience, she can ask for a validation of her work experience and obtain recognition of her diploma.


  • Capable employees
  • Turn-Over 2010-2012: +62% for meals and +15% for services
  • 99% of recipients were satisfied


  • Training: 3% of the wage bill
  • 100% of employees benefited from training in 2012
  • Improved work conditions
30 personnes
635 280 € en 2012


70, Rue des Postes
59000 Lille

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