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BONDUELLE welcomes disabled persons to its Renescure plant

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


The Bonduelle Group is the world leader in ready-to-use vegetables. In 2006, a Handipole agreement was signed by the Group. This agreement aims to incorporate disabled employees and encourage them to continue working in the company. In this context, the Bonduelle plant in Renescure (59-France) has set up a voluntary process to develop this agreement. In 2008, the plant's Management wished to take on 3 employees from a sheltered workplace (ESAT – Les Papillons Blancs d'Hazebrouck) on a permanent contract.


  • Setting an example in the employment of disabled persons, responsibility and diversity.


The Bonduelle plant in Renescure and ESAT Les Papillons Blancs d'Hazebrouck have enjoyed close ties for a long time, particularly through subcontracting.

As part of the Handipole agreement and within the context of the sustainable development initiative launched by the Group, the Renescure plant wished to employee 3 workers from the sheltered workplace, further strengthening the Bonduelle plant's ties with its local environment. 

Following extensive collaboration with ESAT Les Papillons Blancs d'Hazebrouck, a selection process was put in place by Human Resources.

The 3 employees were employed on a permanent contract in April 2008 and were given workstations that required only minor adjustments as well as constant support. 

3 Bonduelle representatives received 1 month's training from ESAT Les Papillons Blancs in order to help the 3 disabled workers integrate within the workforce. An annual review takes place between the Bonduelle representatives and Papillons Blancs support workers. Currently only 2 out of 3 workers still have an annual review.


  • Diversity taken into account 
  • The disabled employees work at the same workstations as their able-bodied colleagues and contribute to the plant's overall performance.


  • Employees have positive image of disability-related associations.
  • Employment rate of disabled persons at the Renescure site in 2012: 10.44%
(2018-2019) : 14 589 collaborateurs
(2018-2019) : 2 777 millions deuros


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