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EDF Group promotes youth work placement

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


For many years, the EDF Group, as a responsible employer, has been contributing annually to improving skills training and access to job markets for over 5,500 youth and individuals living far from employment centers, with more than 300 recipients living in the Hauts-de-France Region.


  • To promote youth work placement through work-study experiences.


Among the set of commitments adopted for the 2016 work-study season, let's highlight:

  • The goal of consolidating the EDF Group's positioning as a responsible employer and leading actor in work-study initiatives in France with the capacity to host a sizable number of work-study candidates (5% of the total workforce);
  • Proposal of work-study contracts in connection with the GPEC personnel management program to ensure candidates, by both their volume and profile, fill a large share of the new hiring planned for 2017 and 2018;
  • Hosting of disabled work-study candidates;
  • Promote tutoring as a meaningful contribution to the Group’s development.
  • Help students trained within the Group but not recruited in finding a job. 

Success entails:

  • Excellence of the institutions selected as partners.
  • High training standards of apprenticeship programs elaborated in cooperation between the training centres involved in the scheme and the Group.
  • Close and confident relations between the schools and EDF.

Best Practice selected in 2010 by World Forum for a Responsible Economy and updated in 2016.


  • EDF’s apprenticeship program enables the Group to renew its skills and to keep its manpower trained, and allows for a transfer of know-how and experience to future generations. Under the supervision of their tutor, young people gain experience, skills and abilities which the Group cherishes as a treasure.


  • The commitment by dedicated tutors, along with their determination to transmit the appropriate skill set, has resulted in apprentices achieving very high success rates in their degree programs (i.e. a 97% graduation rate in 2015) plus streamlined access into the working world (nine in ten quickly find a job or else pursue their studies upon expiration of their employment contract with the EDF Group).
  • The program fights discrimination and creates opportunities for disabled youth to join the workforce.
159 112 salariés (2015)
75 milliards d’euros (2015)

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