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HP for a better balance between private life and work

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Hewlett-Packard, a US group, has been involved in social and environmental responsibility for some years. They search for solutions to reach a better balance between private life and work for their employees. This was how the group implemented new forms of work organization. As early as in the 1980’s, HP had developed “telecommuting”, flexible working hours, voluntary part-time for executives and semi-retirement.


The objective set in the mid-1980’s has remained unchanged : better balance private life and work for its employees. The group introduced the “Jobshare” concept.


In concrete terms, this “jobshare” project enables to divide a position in two. In 1994, two employees who wanted to work on a part-time basis had made this suggestion. So, the job is shared between 2 persons who work on a 50-50% or 40-60% basis, on a part-time basis.

Usually, each one works three days a week, with one common day. So, the pair is “invisible” for colleagues and customers and both persons are practically totally versatile. In case of team management, a manager will be identified for each member. All members will have regular contacts with both managers.

The group also makes available to them one office, one fixed phone line and one business e-mail address. However, they will have two computers and two mobile phones. They also have a double face business card.


  • HP has noted a true increase in performance as well as confidence from managers, customers and employees.
  •  HP also benefited from a synergy of talents, a better thought-out decision making process and more receptive employees.


  •  Employees can work on a part time basis and better manage family life. This good practice makes it possible to achieve a better balance between private life and life at work - in particular for employees on maternity leaves.
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