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KPMG implements action plans to favor the access of women to positions with responsibilities

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


KPMG has been committed since 2008 to a Diversity-based action program, specifically targeting Gender Diversity, in the aim of making gender mix an asset for both its management and development and in building the pathway for women into positions of responsibility.


  •  Obtain a fair representation of women and men at all levels of responsibility within the company, while taking personal choices into account.
  •  Reinforce the balance of professional/private life for the women and men of the company
  •  Continue to attract and keep talents within the company
  •  Continue these objectives with a continuity in the excellence of services provided to client.


Launched in 2008, the Gender Diversity project, overseen by Head Office and coordinated through regional committees, is intended to stimulate actions in this area of equal opportunity and promote Best Practices.

  •  The Work Life - Personal Life Charter: This charter, for all KPMG employees, has been developed to facilitate the management of individual and collective professional constraints while respecting personal life.
  •  The agreement on equality in the workplace Beyond its legal mandate, this agreement confirms the actions previously undertaken since 2008 in order to: strengthen the gender mix in promotion offers; reduce salary discrepancies between men and women; and ease the burden on working parents.
  •  Coordination of external networks: In 2010, KPMG unveiled the Women's Business Tour, a road-show staged acrossFrance's major cities for the purpose of contributing to the debate on the role of women in corporate management. Hosted as roundtable discussions, these events sought to showcase women's capacities as leaders and opinion-makers in the world of business, culture, the sciences, etc.
  •  The "EVE" Program: KPMG also got involved beginning in 2010 in the "EVE" program, alongside Crédit Agricole, SNCF and Oréal. Launched with backing by the Danone Group, this program is dedicated to working on issues of diverse leadership teams and the advancement of women in the company. Since 2010, over 800 participants have taken part in "EVE", rallying around the theme "Dare to be yourself in a step to taking action".
  •  The "Emergence" program: Launched in late 2010, a program on exchange and experience sharing that allows professionals to develop and boost their careers through coaching workshops to help them have access to management positions;
  •  The "Women for Business" network: In March 2013, KPMG launched its highly feminized internal network assembling the firm's professional women. This effort was intended to showcase the contribution of females to the economy, whether national or local, in developing best practices and helping high-achieving women realize their potential.

Best Practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2010 and updated in 2014 with its latest changes


  •  Contribute to giving the opportunity to attract and recruit the best talent
  •  Balancing of the ratio of women within KPMG promoted a more diversified apprehension of solutions brought to client



For the employees of KPMG :

  •  Taking into greater account their expectations and constraints in the management of their day-to-day work and, in the long term, their career
  •  Pride of belonging to a company that commits itself to diversity and balance of professional/private life
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