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The 3SI Group: DISPEO smoothes employee relocation to their new workplace

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Workplace health and safety


The 3SI Group is France's third largest e-retailer with a total of 25 brands well positioned in the sectors of fashion, home furnishings, office supplies and e-retail corporate services. In 2013, the Group created DISPEO, a company specialized in preparing e-commerce orders, to propose its services across all retail sites. DISPEO is set up at 3 locations (Hem, Toufflers and Tourcoing).For this purpose, all company staff working in logistics for the 3SI Group's retail brands were offered a position within this new entity at one of these 3 locations. To encourage acceptance of this offer, a number of steps were taken. For employees living near their previous place of work, some had no access to transportation, and the change in work location would also exert an impact on the organization of their personal lives.


  • Facilitate the physical relocation of employees arriving from Blancheporte (Tourcoing), 3 Suisses (Croix) and Becquet (La Chapelle d'Armentières);
  • Make every effort to minimize the anticipated impact of changing workplaces;
  • Introduce personalized transportation-based solutions;
  • Address mothers' concerns over additional child care costs due to team assignments;
  • Assist employees struggling to decide (assigning priority to time off or team assignment).


- Personalized attention to employees in addressing their particular situation and needs;- Creation of staff working groups from all participating companies, to identify the best solutions;- Involvement of the Group's women's network (Connectelles) for handling the child care issue;- Validation of proposed solutions through input from working groups and labor union representatives. Selected solutions:- Joint financing of driver's license applications (employer-sponsored, with employee contribution by deducting from their training time allotment);- Reimbursement of one year of loan interest for the purchase of a vehicle or motorbike;- Negotiation with Transpole (public transit operator for the Lille Metropolitan area) on an existing line extension to install a stop at the office site, plus accompanying traffic rescheduling;- Increase in the public transit subsidization rate from 50% to 70%;- Introduction of a company-sponsored voucher (CESU) system to cover child care costs (€30 per child per month until age 11). Best Practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013.


- 768 employees accepted the transfer, thus allowing DISPEO to preserve the experience acquired among its brand partners and start up activities under streamlined conditions. - 55 driver's licenses financed.- 31 loan reimbursement requests granted.- 350 children under age 11 benefiting from the CESU voucher. - This action received the 3SI Innovation Trophy's top prize, in the Employees category.


- Preservation of quality management-labor relations within the company during a period of intense reorganization. -       Enhanced collaboration with stakeholders during project implementation (e.g. local authorities, city hall, other companies in the business zone, Transpole transit operator).
-       Boost in public transit ridership.
7500 (2011)
1.9 Milliards € (2011)


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