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The CAISSE D'EPARGNE NORD FRANCE EUROPE promotes diversity and equal opportunities for men and women in the company

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


The Caisse d'Epargne has a historical tradition of banking. Based on humanistic values, the Caisse d'Epargne Nord France Europe(CENFE) does business by contributing to a more balanced development of its territory. As part of the "Energy Women" group BPCE, the CENFE launched an incentive approach by creating a "mixed group".


To stay true to a historical vocation which founded the company’s values ​​while meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

The CENFE is implementing a modern and ambitious HR policy designed to:
- Behave as a socially responsible employer
- Be socially comitted
- Make banking accessible to all


- Implementation of the equal opportunity plan: to ensure equal pay between men and women - to train managers to combat discrimination and stereotypes - the advancement of women to ensure their representation in leadership roles - facilitating the balances of life.
- A balanced pyramid: the end of 2011, 50.65% women, 49.35% men
- 122 promotions in 2011, 71 for women.
- Integration of HR policies and recruitment (including work-study programs) of diversity criteria: detect, identify and support women in building their personal project.
- Implementation of services to help men/women diversity: business concierge, tickets CESU, cradles business.
- Creation of a diversity group, headed by the Chief Executive who is responsible for building an action plan.
- Awareness of the steering committee and managers of the challenges of male/female diversity.
- Integration of a diversity component in the training "Manage to succeed together" program.
- Training budget equal to 5.83% of payroll (legal obligation: 3%).
- Launch of the "Les ELLES" measure in favor of women, plus a partnership developed with the "Financi'elles" network throughout the BPCE Group.
- Outside the company, support for women entrepreneurship by creating the They Create Female Company Managers Award.
- Participation at the round table sessions organized to boost the percentage of women named to seats on the company's Steering and Supervisory Board, especially via the appointment of a Board administrator tasked with these issues, along with the formation of an internal dedicated working group.

Best Practice selected by World Forum Lille in 2011 and updated in 2012 for its evolution.


- Positioning of the company as a key CSR player in the area
- Equal opportunities at the service of performance


- Numerical and wage parity: 50.65% female, 49.35% male at the end of 2011

- Employment equality, seniority, comparable skills and experience, women receive the same pay as men.

- 122 promotions in 2011: 71 for women

2 263 (2011)
473 millions € (2011)


135, Pont de Flandres


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