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The crisis of 2009 made Orange massively invest in its employees’ well-being

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Working conditions


Orange is one of the main telecommunication operators, with 250 million customers over the world. The CSR is deeply embedded in the culture of the company and in its history. Orange was built upon founding values leading their principles of action regarding all its stakeholders. After the social crisis France went through in 2009, France Télécom-Orange initiated an accentuated approach of listening to its employees, to understand the reasons of the unease expressed and mobilize all the teams on a new company project.


  • To reconcile economic performance and social quality
  • To take knowledge of the employees’ opinion during transformations (physical, real estate…) and note employees’ wishes
  • To take measures following the social crisis that the operator went through in 2009


The approach based on listening employees led to several social agreements, which provided the basis to the new social contract which resulted particularly in 4 agreements:

  • Telecommuting agreement
  • Professional/private life balance agreement
  • Agreement on Psycho-social Risks Assessment and Prevention
  • Agreement on trials to improve working conditions

This new social Contract that Stéphane Richard personally addressed to each of the 102,000 employees in France in September 2010, establishes the conditions and principles of living together and includes 158 measures taken to reconcile economic performance with social quality by progressively implementing it until 2015, on six lines:

  • Employment
  • Work organization
  • Management
  • Working conditions
  • Compensation
  • HR department.


  • 93% of employees are proud to work for Orange and 87% of them recommend Orange as a company where it feels good to work.
  • To ensure its implementation, 900 million euros were invested from 2010 to 2012.


  • 500 out of the 7000 employees moved internally in 2015.
  • Orange pays its employees more than the average salary of the sector.
152 000 (2018)
41,1 milliards € (2015)


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