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Associate Students, Personnel and Their Families and Others to a CSR Approach on Campus

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


EDHEC Business School was founded in Lille in northern France in 1906. It currently has 7,000 students and five campuses (Lille, Paris, Nice, London and Singapore). The School wants to share the experience gained out in the field by certain of its students by developing several case studies for use in class.


Take advantage of the presence of beehives (an initiative of the Works Committee), a kitchen garden and an ashtray for voting (initiatives of BBA students in the context of their first-year PPA project) to make various targets aware of the CSR approach.


Organize the collection of honey in association with personnel members and the children of the Roubaix IME (autistic children) using an entertaining and educational approach. Make urban students aware of gardening, the result of manual work on a team. Encourage smokers to put their cigarette butts in an ashtray and not on the ground by asking them to give their opinion on a specific question concerning their student activities (electing student representatives, for example).


Create an outside environment for personnel that leads to well-being (fruit harvest, gifts of honey) and to pride in being able to enjoy pleasant surroundings.


Open the Campus to people on the outside with an unexpected approach. Encourage mixing with others. Respect for people in charge of cleaning (less cigarette butts on the ground).

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