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MAISONS ET CITÉS chooses Créalabel : a custom-made tool that questions its stakeholders

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Maisons & Cités is a responsible social housing company. It manages nearly 64,000 social housing units in Hauts-de-France and is currently the leading social landlord in the area.

Its business plan led to the creation of Crealabel: an internal tool that measures the performance of its activities by directly soliciting its stakeholders and relying on internal indicators. This process evaluates in a dynamic way the level of achievement of the ambitions set in the strategic plan of the company . 

The label revolves around 6 pillars that match the transformation axes of Maisons & Cités.


  • Incorporate all of the company's stakeholders in the continuous improvement process
  • More transparency because results are communicated both internally and externally
  • Performance gain
  • Have an flexible system, with an annual review that allows the company to adapt the indicators according to societal, environmental and company-specific changes
  • Have a real action plan with quantified and precise objectives


As part of its business plan and after two cycles of ISO 9001 certifications, Maisons & Cités wanted to review its quality approach in order to create a label that is closer to its missions and its businesses.

In 2020, it therefore opted for Crealabel, which opens the dialogue with its stakeholders. The company has set 6 ambitions with specific objectives each :

  • Be exemplary in customer relations
  • Be a great company to work for
  • Strengthen its collaborative dynamic
  • Offer a diversified and innovative offer that meet the needs of customers and partners
  • Develop customer service that allows them to live well at home and live well together
  • Increase its overall performance and its capacity to innovate

For each objective, the lessor relies on existing indicators (measured internally) and on a qualitative assessment of stakeholders. We identify a level of maturity for each pillar. Based on the results, the company establishes a new strategic plan which can improve performances. 

For example, one of its ambitions is to be exemplary in customer relations. Maisons & Cités has therefore set itself the goal of improving customer reception. For that, the company relies internally on a specific indicator, the drop-out rate at the Customer Relations Center, and then asks its stakeholders about the satisfaction of the responses provided.

The results of these surveys and areas for improvement are then communicated in full transparency on the company's website. The project is still in its genesis, and will be developed for even more efficiency. The first review (presentation of annual results to the Management Board and the Management Committee) took place in April 2021.


  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement in the company; the stakeholders, by being frequently solicited and questioned, continually think about new actions that can be implemented
  • The transparency of the results obtained creates an atmosphere of trust. The results will be posted on the company's website and made public
  • A customized and strict certification process; The indicators may change according to the new challenges of the company and the stakeholders challenge the lessor annually.
  • Originality of the request with risk-taking because stakeholders can be critical in their assessment


  • The expected benefits after a year of activity are an improvement in the quality of the services offered by Maisons & Cités
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging of stakeholders, who feel listened to and solicited
  • Unifying action

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