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PROMIS JURÉ promotes the well-being of its employees at work

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Founded in 2017 by Baptiste Deleplanque, the company Promis Juré offers gourmet and artisanal ice cream in Hauts-de-France. The brand's ambition is to make its business as sustainable and responsible as possible.

The focus is on the environmental qualities of the products, but also on social and societal commitments such as the well-being at work of employees, their involvement in the company, the management method or the quality of life at work. 


  • Make Promis Juré's CSR approach a key process in its business
  • Involve employees in the strategy and in the life of the company
  • Ensure the well-being of its employees: living environment, training, development


At Promis Juré, the management style is participative. Indeed, all the decisions taken within the company are discussed between the various collaborators whether they are managers, executives or employees. The hierarchy, though present, is unmarked. Each member is free to express their ideas and actively participate in the development and strategic decisions of the company.

Promis juré strives to make the working environment as pleasant as possible for its employees.

  • The locals are optimized, with neat decoration and significant greening
  • Events are organized monthly to unite the team (team building, birthday celebrations, etc.)

The company also relies on autonomy and trust. They offer their employees flexible working hours, so that they can better reconcile professional and private life.

Employees' salaries increase according to their investment and performance in the company. In addition, their professional backgrounds and personal skills allow them to evolve and stand out in the tasks entrusted to them.

  • 5 employees received a salary increase of 8% with less than one year of seniority.
  • Status changes have taken place within the company: For example, two interns have become work-study trainees, one work-study trainee has become a manager and an administrative assistant has become HR manager.

Finally, employees have access to specific training that allows them to develop and gain skills. The sales manager, for example, took a 12-day training course on sales strategy.


  • Promis Juré is the winner of the Responsible Economy Trophies in the category: CSR Hopes
  • The well-being at work of employees has a positive impact on the employer brand
  • The results show a gain in productivity and team investment. Indeed since 2019, 3 interns have continued their work-study adventure, including 1 hired on a permanent contract
  • The team has grown from 3 employees to ten in just 3 years


  • Improved employee well-being: They are truly involved in the company 
  • Unite teams around projects with high added value and contribute to a better “ living together “ within the company

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