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DECOROOM, a circular economy-based company, involves all its employees in its CSR approach.

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Décoroom is a responsible event furniture rental company created in 2007 and offering a wide range of products, with more than 800 references of tables, seats, bars, partitions, lighting and accessories. 

Convinced that a company only lasts when it adds value to society, Décoroom places great importance on social, environmental and economic concerns and works on a daily basis in favor of society and the territory. The company formalized its commitments by obtaining ISO 20121 certification, the first certification to promote "sustainable development" in the event industry.

Décoroom involves all its employees in the company's strategy and management.


Décoroom's convictions can be summarized in 4 fundamental principles:

  • To offer the best possible quality of life at work to all employees
  • Reduce their impact on the planet
  • To be a responsible player in the market
  • Be a player in their local ecosystem


Décoroom has implemented an effective and sustainable CSR strategy.

  • The company collaborates with many local organizations in order to carry out actions in favor of professional reintegration. As an example, Décoroom works with the "Papillons Blancs", employing disabled people for the maintenance of the real estate and the urban park. The company also has a partnership with an ESAT for the manufacture of furniture.
  • On the environmental aspect, Décoroom practices a circular economy. It produces no waste and institutes the 3R rule (reuse, repair, reemploy): furniture is cleaned, repaired and put back into the circuit. The raw material is recovered and the rest is made available to individuals via a recycling center.

This entire strategy is designed to involve the employees. Indeed, they are 100% involved in the organization and decision-making of the company. To this end, steering committees and boards are organized to address various topics related to the organization and CSR. Social links between the different employees of the company are encouraged by regular meetings throughout the year. Workshops are frequently organized to raise awareness of safety in the company and to minimize the risk of work-related accidents.


Decoroom's efforts regarding its CSR policy have been rewarded with numerous awards:

  • The "Objectif CO2" label from ADEME
  • ISO 20121 certification
  • The Trophées de l'économie responsable 2021 organized by Réseau Alliances in the category of companies with 10 to 20 employees


  • Improvement of employees' well-being: They are truly involved and feel a stronger sense of belonging to the company
  • Contribution to the transformation of models towards a more circular economy
  • Participation in professional reintegration


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