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Partnership for Sustainable Cities: EDF and the Oriental region of Morocco

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


The EDF Group is one of the leaders in Europe’s energy market, and an integrated utility active on every link in the energy chain, spanning production, transport, distribution, trading and sale of energies. It contributes to providing energies and services to over 39 million clients worldwide. Over the past two years, EDF has also been building a partnership with the Oriental region of Morocco, which is now rallying the various local stakeholders around two central issues: energy efficiency (in buildings, street lighting and households) and renewable energies. The goal for EDF is to support the Oriental region’s efforts to become Morocco’s first eco-region. 


• Reduce energy consumption in buildings before they are built with dynamic thermal simulations. • Improve user comfort with refitting work on buildings, ranking priorities in light of costs • Optimise household energy consumption. • Offer “light plans” to communities (reducing energy consumption and showcasing heritage). 


This partnership is one aspect of the EDF Group’s long-term plans in Morocco, a country where energy efficiency is a particularly critical issue given that Morocco depends heavily on energy imports and robust growth is fuelling rampant construction. The first projects involved improving energy efficiency in public buildings. They had the duty to pave the way by modelling existing or projected buildings’ energy consumption in order to reduce it, and by analysing resulting temperatures in the various areas.An energy efficiency charter for authorities issuing building permits was also drafted. This charter provides keys to meet prescriptions in terms of thermal regulation in preparation (regarding building shells, building materials, etc.) at the lowest possible cost.Lastly, a study on household consumption is underway via a partnership with ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency). The goal, here, is to measure the principal uses (air conditioning, heating, hot water, household appliances, etc.) and their share in total consumption (using “smart” sockets) and to better understand energy consumption patterns by using a questionnaire.  Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013.


- Support EDF’s industrial presence in Morocco.  - Share advice on energy efficiency. 


- Develop energy-efficiency skills (working hand-in-hand with local stakeholders) and coach behaviour shifts (among professionals and households). 

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