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AUCHAN FRANCE enters mode 2.0 for continuous sharing of information and best practices among all employees

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


In this era of new technologies, Internet and social networks, Auchan France has sought to ride the wave of the new modes of communication and collaboration. Auchan helps its employees to share information, best practices and transparency, in relation with its values : trust, sharing and progress. 


  •  Remove barriers erected inside the company by assembling employees from all sites or across all disciplines in shared digital spaces.
  • Foster and simplify the access to information 
  • Spark curiosity and promote a friendly spirit through quickly exchanging information and ideas.
  • Develop the professionalism of each staff member via a collaborative apprenticeship.


The collaborative platform for ALL employees 

NeoConnect is an online platform accessible to all employees, at any time. This platform enables all actors within a given profession, mission or project to build ties within their space and thereby share information (documents, photographs, videos), exchange comments and offer evaluations. From a store employee to the business line director and including the buyer or supplier, each individual is free to access and participate in making news, preparing retail activity or advancing within the participant's chosen field. But everyone can also suscribe to a topic of his choice. A unique platform to communicate, to exchange… With a determination to be open and transparent, but first and foremost, a will to ease the process and render the information reachable in less than two hits.  

Best Practice selected in 2012 by World Forum for a Responsible Economy and updated in 2016.


  • Removal of all former intranets, websites, NeoConnect is a platform created to gather all the former platforms under one. 
  • Access to the greatest number of employees via the collaborative information system
  • Base new modes of collaboration through different media, accesses and experimentations.
  • Telecommuting, as a means of building greater ties and raising efficiency among teams from different sites.32 000 people have accessed the website since its launch in June 2015; 7000 visitors unique/day.


  • Employee involvement both interactively and continuously on many critical topics for the company: retail sector, business line, news, etc.
  • Instantness and reactivity 
  • Employees' recognition for their professionalism.
  • Mutual benefit for staff by applying the expertise input from as broad a cross-section as possible.
  • Time saving: information centralized, less scattering or “lost emails”
60 570 (2014)
16.2 milliards € TTC (2014)


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