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1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


Blue Like An Orange Sustainable Capital is an investment fund that operates in emerging markets, able to deliver both strong risk-adjusted returns and social impact; thereby supporting the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • Strive for sustainable development outcomes that foster inclusive and sustainable growth without a trade-off with regards to market level rates of financial returns

  • Connect institutional investors looking for measurable social outcomes with sustainable investment opportunities in emerging markets

  • Contribute to the dialogue around the SDGs that is integral to make meaningful change to our planet and society at large


Founded in 2017, Blue Like an Orange concentrates on mezzanine financing deals supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals mandate. By targeting the financing gap for small and mid-size business lending in Latin America, the company mobilized capital for SDG-aligned investments in sustainable infrastructure, agribusiness, education, healthcare and access to finance.

The SDG rating is used as a key part of the Investment Committee process. To do so, the company developed SDG Blue, an internal rating system, that evaluates the contributions of each investment to the achievement of the SDGs. Each investment will be given an initial rating before a first Investment Committee meeting. The rating will be refined as the investment progresses through our approval process, and then be updated on an annual basis, and be presented alongside the commercial shadow credit rating.

Conducting a systematic and three-layered ESG and sustainable impact assessment of each potential deal against objectives. For each potential investment, Blue like an Orange first carries a full environmental, social, and governance review according to the IFC Performance Standards for each potential deal using both internal and external assessment. The external assessment is provided by a team of IDB experts that is independent from the IDB investment team, when IDB is a co-investor. Otherwise, the company needs to hire external consultants.


  • $ 200 million raised in the first round of financing

  • Use of the LuxFLAG ESG Label guaranteed for one year

  • BLO has a powerful network of international investors


  • 1.4 million Venezuelan refugees in Colombia can finally get access to financial services

  • Over 5.3 million trees in Amazon are protected

  • A Brazilian enterprise was enabled to offer the first-time employment for young professionals, provide continuous training and skills development not available in the local education system

  • More than 500 female employees will be hired in an attractive ICT company for female talent


Bertrand Badré

CEO, partenaire, fondateur

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