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BONDUELLE promotes networked-based strategies using the collaborative "Networking" platform

1. Organizational Governance

Transparency and communication


A family business founded in 1853, Bonduelle holds the ambition of becoming the "world leader in ensuring good health through a vegetable-based diet". The Group, which currently employs a workforce of 9,569 with a presence in 100 countries, has always been a proponent of innovation as key to its success. Accordingly, in September 2012, Bonduelle rolled out a new collaborative tool entitled: "Networking, connecting people and growing together".


  • Streamline the sharing of information and experience;
  • Utilize the skills of every single connected employee;
  • Promote network-based working methods and innovation.


Networking is fully in line with Group strategy, as clearly expressed in the VegeGo! project, whose timeline extends until 2025. Back in 2010, Bonduelle launched a working group dedicated to setting up a company-wide social network. This initiative reveals the growing interest in a collaborative approach, which reflects the Group's internationalization and revised organization that revolves around 4 business units. In September 2012, the networking platform was formally defined with Google applications at the core (Google+, Drive and the Google site).From September to October 2012: introduction of these tools to 280 Group managers.From January to June 2013: rollout to the 3,500 Group employees with an Internet connection.From June to December 2013: technical migration of email boxes to Gmail accounts. The Networking platform offers a multitude of functionalities, in particular:
  • Sharing of pre-sorted information and joint preparation of documents
  • Schedule sharing, which allows saving time when organizing meetings
  • Inter-site communications
  • Exchange of information and interaction on selected topics, with the potential for further development within specific communities
Implementing the "Ambassador" program has also brought forth the competence of expert platform users to help accompany change and promote Networking applications. This program has successfully guided Bonduelle through a technical and cultural challenge in just 15 months.


  • Facilitate network-oriented, project-based work
  • Attract new talent and find ways to detect in-house talent
  • Promote change accompaniment methods
  • Save time and reduce travel
  • Quickly integrate new hires.


  • SOCIAL: showcase competences
  • GOVERNANCE: share information and develop multi-skilling
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: limit travel.
(2018-2019) : 14 589 collaborateurs
(2018-2019) : 2 777 millions deuros


Rue Nicolas Appert
BP 30173


Anne-Sophie Ketterer, chargée de mission RSE, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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