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Brazilian companies perform thanks to BM&F BOVESPA and Sustainable Development Goals

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


First stock exchange to follow the World Agreement of the United Nations, the BM&F BOVESPA accompanies and emphasizes local companies inclined towards new sustainable development practices, to contribute to their economic performance and to influence the sustainability of Brazilian capitol territory. 

Thanks to these ideas regarding sustainable development, BM&F BOVESPA is a source of growth for companies with alternative solutions, investment for market participants. It promotes and links socio- environmental projects from companies with social investors. 


  • Question ourselves about the world that we would like “tomorrow”, as humans.
  • Counsel companies on their projects and accompany them toward success, keeping in mind responsible development principles. 
  • Integrate Sustainable Development Goals in the strategies of local companies. 
  • Promote responsible companies in front of investors and enhance social and environmental movements across the world.


In 2005, the San Paulo stock exchange became a forerunner in the in socially responsible investing due to the creation of the fourth sustainability index in the world, one that promotes companies that are involved in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The ISE (indice de sustentabilidade empresarial) is an evaluation tool of company performance from the sustainability angle, based on economic efficiency, environmental respect, social justice and company governance. 

Through a questionnaire with seven dimensions, volunteer companies are evaluated on the relevance of their projects and the capacity to integrate SDGs. The BM&F BOVESPA will also promote the best companies, or the ones that have proved their commitment in sustainable development to country market agents. 


  • The Brazilian stock market and more specifically, Sonia Consiglio Favaretto are recognized as one of 10 pioneers in the world to work around Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • More than 40 companies are volunteering to participate in the questionnaire. 

No numbers are available as regards to the economic impact of taken steps ; however, there is no doubt that, with effort from local investors, the performance of implicated companies will grow. 


  • A panel of 40 companies involved in the issue of sustainable development (what do they do for this issue?) will be announced in November 2016.
  • The approach is becoming more and more significant for companies, which understand the stakes of integrating SDGs in their strategy. 
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Sonia Consiglio-Favaretto Managing Director (Media Relations, Sustainability and Communications)

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