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Castorama acts to transfer its skills to children

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


Castorama’s main objectives concerning its policy for men and women development are: promote diversity, engagement and facilitate the evolution of its employees. « Becoming the favourite company of the family » require to differentiate from competitors. In order to create a strong and long-lasting relationship with its customers, Castorama wants its stores to become a place of leisure for all the family. Furthermore, to spread its “Do It Yourself “culture from a very young age and develop the link between generations, Castorama has set up children’s workshops animated by senior volunteers. 

Castorama belongs to the group Kingfisher -Europe’s largest home improvement retailer-. Castorama employs 12,600 persons who contribute everyday to its success on its market and help to achieve, through a network of 102 stores.


  • Transfer our passion for housing improvement
  • Ensure a transfer of skills between generations
  • Create a strong link with our customers


Castorama has developed his societal rule transfer of know-how. Otherwise the children have no DIY trainee, manual work at school or at home for that reason, Castorama has developed pedagogical tools in order to everyone to be trained (video you tube, workshop DYI for childrens.

The workshops are animated by volunteers retirees and are created intergenerational link and and to share the DIY pleasure (every Saturday).

The workshops are composed of 8 children and 2 seniors and a store’s collaborator . 

Different activities are proposed like: realisation of photo frames, bird houses, planters, painting, mosaics…

A specific communication plan has been set up in store:

  • A poster to inform parents about the upcoming workshops
  • A poster to recruit seniors volunteers for the animation
  • A flyer for the registration of children

A workshop lasts 30 minutes, children can bring their creations at home.


  • Contributes to improve the brand image
  • Creates a strong and long-lasting relationship with customers
  • Develops the sense of belonging


  • Degree of commitment of the collaborators
  • Happiness to share skills with children
  • 2,400 children initiated DIY
12600 (2014)
2 900 000 K€ ( HT Net 2013)


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