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DK6 - GDF SUEZ develops eco-responsibility among its employees at its site

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


DK6 is a company running a combined-cycle gas turbine plant located at Dunkerque. Its employees live in an area as large as the Paris region; 2/3 of them work ‘round the clock in three 8-hour shifts, travel often and cover great distances. It is difficult to establish public means of transport, although there is a genuine awareness of the need to protect the environment.
In its 2008 action plan, DK6 made the commitment to launch an eco-responsibility initiative, which involved protecting the environment by rallying employees in their personal lives to the example of industrial ecology represented by their company. The project is known as SAECREE, an abbreviation for the French equivalent of Company Employees who Contribute the Reducing their Ecological Footprint.


- To help DK6 employees achieve savings in ongoing everyday personal expenses while contributing to sustainable development.


The SAECREE approach is a win-win program for the company and its employees, as well as a concrete commitment in favor of sustainable development.

The program is based on:
- possibilities of aid to employees for investing in capital goods with high added ecological value that lead to lasting reductions in ongoing everyday personal expenses;
- recommendations by employees for improvements along the same lines in conjunction with their company work (e.g. adjustments leading to lower consumption of fluids, or lower indirect plant-related expenses).
- a Commission that organizes half-day sessions of programs for employees on assistance available for example from the Dunkerque Urban Community for home improvements, eco-efficient solutions and measures, etc.


- Savings in operating expenses.


For employees:
- Aid to employees for investments in capital goods with high added ecological value leading to savings.
For the company:
Voluntary involvement of GDF SUEZ personnel in environment protection actions.

79,9 milliards euros (2009)


Port 2871
2871, route du Fossé Défensif - BP 59003
59951 DUNKERQUE Cedex 1


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