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ELECTRO DEPOT promotes employee engagement in enterprise strategy

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization



Created in 2003, Electro Depot sells quality household appliances, TVs and stereo systems at a discounted price. It is one of the first leading French discount brands to adopt a strong CSR commitment. Since 2008, the company has adopted an initiative called VISION. This approach allows the enterprise to work with its teams to jointly construct its 10-year strategy.


  • Define and share the strategy pursued by the enterprise
  • Mobilize the teams around a shared project and common values: to be a « Best Place to Buy » and a « Best Place to Work ».


To define the VISION 2020, a seminar has been hold for the company’s 150 managers (store directors, department heads, and management committee) in order to define:
  • The mission: Equip the households of the World
  • The job: make home appliances more accessible every day
  • The values: Simplicity, Passion, Solidarity
This mobilization has led to projects on themes such as the company’s development (integration of employees, internal communication, working conditions, pricing commitments, etc.). Each project is run by a manager and designed by the General Management. The project manager must put together his/her team and define a road map and the objectives. He/she benefits from autonomy within his/her organization and presents conclusions at the end of the year. After validation, the actions proposed are then implemented throughout the enterprise. All the employees are involved and mobilized around points of progress for the enterprise. Regular communication is done internally through the annual convention and meetings of store directors. In addition, a poster presenting the 10-Year Vision, with the objectives and the means to achieve them, is distributed to all stores and is accessible to all stakeholders (employees, customers, etc.)  Means :
  • 1 day/year dedicated to the VISION by co-workers
  • 20 workers are dedicated to the animation of the VISION within the stores (2 days/workers/year)
  • Waypoint during conventions/ quarterly meetings 
  • Budget 70k €
Best Practice Rewarded by Réseau Alliances in 2012 and updated in 2014


  • A common frame of reference for the teams
  • Opening of 10 new stores  per year
  • Revenues on the rise
  • Lower costs related to external recruitment


  • Participation and involvement of employees in the group’s strategy at all levels: sign of appreciation and valorization
  • Exchange between co-workers
  • Lower turnover rate
  • 93% of employees are shareholders                     


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