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For Décathlon, training its employees represents a major strategic point

3. Labor relations / working conditions

Human capital development


Décathlon is an international company, which was created in 1976. It designs and sells sport items in its 1053 stores spread out in 28 countries. Historically, the CSR operations pertain HR (employee shareholding, training) and management (room for error, culture of collaboration and sharing) subjects, and the relations of stores with their local stakeholders. The improvement of employees’ skills is embedded in the DNA of Décathlon that encourages internal promotion. Training is therefore a strategic tool. 


  • To favor fulfillment and autonomy of its employees.
  • To favor the improvement of skills and reduce the recruitment costs.
  • To circulate all the managerial expertise in every country.


Training employees is a strategic line essential to develop the company. Trainings are closely linked to responsibilities given very soon in jobs. Their objective is to favor autonomy and employability over the world.

The ambition of “Décathlon Échanges” is to be the world reference in terms of managerial innovation, training and instruction.


The Individual Training Plan (“PIF” in French) is the plan that the company itself offers. It is usually offered per “job” and divided into 4 parts:

  • The integration: trainings necessary to master the basics of the job, to acquire the fundamental knowledge.
  • The apprenticeship: trainings allowing for skill improvement in the job, making it possible to know how to anticipate activities, to become efficient in one’s job.
  • The improvement: trainings enabling one to enhance his level of expertise of his job.
  • The additional: to attend, independently from the job or to develop know-how useful for a future job.

Three training schools in the company, “Décathlon Échanges” (exchanges), provide human basics and managerial skills.

These formations, implanted in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Shanghai and Bangalore, are also driven towards management and personal development. Moreover, it proposes innovations on the managerial practices, to adapt to the environment and make it a differentiator and an element of performance.

During these trainings, trainees come from all jobs, of various background in the company, which enables everyone to get enriched by the diversity and to increase moments of exchanges.

It also proposes several times a month conferences conducted by external participants, related to managerial innovation and filmed to be available in streaming to every employee on their website.


  • Reduction of recruitment costs thanks to the internal skill improvement.
  • In 2016, Décathlon won the 4th place in the ranking “Best Place to Work” of companies where it feels good to live.


  • Average of training hours per employee/year: 25H.
  • 3.08% of the payroll has been dedicated to the training plan in 2014 in France.
  • The “PIF” is available to every employee from a dedicated IT tool. The company offers a total more than 1,500 trainings.
94 000 (2019)
12,4 milliards € (2019)


4, boulevard de Mons
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq


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