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GRDF awarded the diversity label

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Created on 31 December 2007, the GrDF entity comprises all natural gas distribution activities taking place in France. As a recent organization in the midst of restructuring, GrDF can actually draw upon a rich 60-year track record. As a strategic actor in the energy sector, GrDF enjoys close relations with suppliers, industry partners, local authorities and its customers.

In 2015, GrDF was awarded the "diversity" label as a testimonial to the company's commitment to preventing discrimination and promoting equal opportunity and diversity within the scope of its human resource management policies.


  •  Facilitate access to employment for the disabled, apprentices and women.
  •  Promote equal opportunity among all population segments.
  •  Bring greater numbers of women into the technical trades.


•    As of 31 December 2014, GrDF's workforce included 628 disabled employees (accounting for 3.9% of all direct employment), 590 apprentices (i.e. 5.36% of total personnel, of whom 15 were also disabled) and 2,607 women (23.1% of staff).
•    Many projects are underway to bring greater numbers of women into the trades.
•    Mentoring programs and substantial subsidies for apprentices.
•    Several in-house initiatives to ensure equality among the personnel (career advancement tools, wage equality).
•    Creation of an anti-discrimination call center.
•    System of female sponsorship introduced.
•    Constant efforts to enhance process quality and objectivity (e.g. recruitment).

Best Practice spotted in 2015 by the World Forum for a Sustainable Economy.


  •  Recognition of the Group's commitment to reaching out to the population at large.


  •  Extension of the lines of communication between management and staff.
11 490 (2017)
3 562 millions d’euros (2017)


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