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IDKIDS applies the Corporate, Social, Community-oriented, Environmental Responsibility approach of Children’s clothes companies (RESSEME)

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


« As entrepreneurs, we help the world progress, for the future of all children. » This is the commitment made by Idkids, which is reflected by the Corporate, Social, Community-oriented and Environmental Responsibility of Children’s clothes companies (RESSEME). Shareholding, management of the group’s business units and external communication are determined in line with this strategy.


  •  To guarantee the long-term commitment of the group’s shareholders
  •  To disseminate RESSEME good practice throughout the group
  •  To educate stakeholders (employees, customers, children, parents, suppliers…)


RESSEME strategic objectives are developed by corporate managers following three guidelines which are redefined on an annual basis:

  •  Corporate Responsibility: objective of material economic performance (profitability and jobs)
  •  Social Responsibility: human performance objective (quality of interpersonal relations, innovation, personal development)
  •  Community-oriented and Environmental Responsibility: search for “meaning” (services delivered by the group to all, particularly to the future generations of Children’s Clothes entities). Each entity, each business unit, each team will adopt these guidelines and select priority objectives and actions in line with this Good Corporate Citizen strategy. 

RESSEME is a long-term internal commitment disseminated externally, displayed in the entrance hall and on the walls of the company (green gestures, visual management), on employees’ business cards, in the group’s communication documents and in stores.

Like many other businesses in the Nord region in France, Idkids is a family company, which makes it possible to guarantee a long-term shareholders’ strategy over several generations, and to better withstand financial crises. Progress club sessions have been planned since the company was founded in 1996 to train second generation family shareholders in “affectio societatis” - i.e. the investment of capital at the service of a global responsible strategy. An employee shareholding scheme has also been set up. 

All stakeholders are concerned,

  •  Suppliers: priority given to relations based on trust, HR management and environmental audits, improvement monitoring
  •  Customers: campaigns to make people better aware of textile recycling, articles in the international convention on children’s rights in line with the values of the group
  • Community, NGO’s: creation and management of day nurseries in neighbourhoods, Okwworld foundation supporting projects for children’s respect and protection. 

Best Practice spotted in 2010 by World Forum Lille and updated in 2014 for its evolution.


  •  Rapid development of the company (1,000 stores, 67 countries)
  •  5000 Motivated employees
  •  Local action


  •  Actions with communities (Foundation)
  •  Educating stakeholders
5000 (2014)
741 M Euros (2014)


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