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IDKIDS places priority on keeping employees informed first

1. Organizational Governance

Transparency and communication


“Working to make a better world for growing child,” is the mission statement of Idkids, implemented by RESSEME(Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility for  Children’s Brands). A company with 5000 employees in 65 countries, Idkids seeks to inform all of its employees first.


  •  Be transparent about the actions of the group and each brand
  •  Involve every employee


Different communication tools are used to spread information to all employees:

  • A weekly in-house newspaper for each brand translated into each language;
  • An annual report on the OKWORLD Foundation: latest publication in 2014;
  • An Intranet site providing each employee with all documents necessary to execute work tasks according to best practices made available to the entire workforce. This tool promotes shared working methods across the Group's various brands.

Appropriate human resources are deployed to encourage exchanges and information sharing:

  • Five regional training / information days held per year for each store manager;
  • One information meeting per month for each brand among headquarters personnel;
  • Individual interviews regularly held between the employee and his/her manager;
  • Team meetings held on a regular basis.

Best practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2011 and updated in 2014.


  •  In the Great Place to Work 2010 questionnaire, the group of questions about credibility: all employees have responded positively at 78%.
  •  Transparency helps raise the level of employee trust in the corporate project.
  •  Quick dissemination of Group-wide information to all staff.


  •  Okworld's annual report: 500 copies printed on recycled paper; availability on the Intranet for all personnel;
  •  Development of videoconference meetings and use of Skype to limit travel.
5000 (2014)
741 M Euros (2014)


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