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KEOLIS LILLE prepares the underprivileged for employment opportunities

2. Human Rights

Diversity, equal opportunity, and fighting discrimination


Keolis Lille, subsidiary of the KEOLIS Group, is responsible for operating the Lille Metropolitan public transit network (northern France). Its activity, tied so closely with urban public services, has naturally led to a focus on Sustainable Development. The company is committed not only to protecting the environment, but also to building social links via employment opportunities and services benefiting transit passengers (170 million trips provided in 2013). Moreover, Keolis Lille promotes access to the job market for underprivileged individuals located in economically distressed zones.


  • Promote access to employment opportunities for underprivileged individuals
  • Recruit new hires from all walks of life, as a reflection of riders using Keolis Lille's services


Keolis Lille is committed to sponsoring the recruitment of underprivileged individuals from distressed urban zones. Along these lines, several action campaigns have been developed. Since 2009, partnerships with the Lille and Wattrelos Mayors' Offices (northern France) were created with the aim of offering job training internships prior to hiring. These internships were designed to train individuals without much exposure to the job market in navigating the recruitment process for a bus driver position. One session held for 15 interns has been organized every year; it includes an in-company immersion phase to discover the trade, plus a coaching phase to prepare for both the battery of aptitude tests and the employment interview. Individuals enrolled in this internship program have experienced a hiring success rate 7 times greater than non-intern candidates.

In conjunction with this opportunity, Keolis Lille has been hosting a special information meeting on an annual basis intended for Citéo and Médiapole employees (known as the Vitamin T Group). These Citéo and Médiapole staff are also asked to lend a human touch to transit spaces and ensure their safety. Working towards social or professional advancement, these individuals benefit from familiarity with the operator-client relationship (reception, information, conflict mediation) as well as with the transit network thanks to their service accompaniment mission.

Best Practice spotted by the World Fourm Lille in 2012 and updated in 2014.


  • Sales revenue evolution:
2010: €243 million
2011: €271 million
2012: €298 million
2013: €310 million
  • Recruitment of personnel offering attractive profiles to benefit Transpole's client relations
  • Improved image among partners active in city politics


  • Employment opportunities for individuals often excluded from the job market
  • Since 2009, some twenty new hires added to the payroll thanks to the job training internship
  • Each year, between 8 and 10 interns from the Citéo and Médiapole entities are signed to a permanent contract



2850 (2014)
310 M€ (2013)


24 bd Carnot
59000 LILLE


Thierry DUC, Directeur Qualité et Développement Durable,

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