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KILOUTOU rolls out its CSR initiative to its network of branches

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Kiloutou hires out a wide range of Civil Engineering plant, lifting equipment, multiple hire tools and offers numerous services to its clients (94% businesses).

The project "2020 vision YES!", co-created in 2010 with all employees, takes the form of 14 challenges launched on cross-functional subjects. A strong commitment to CSR runs through them. Kiloutou's actions include setting up a training school, implementing a safety policy and assessing its carbon balance. 

Between 2010 and 2015 the company embarked on a series of acquisitions, which doubled the size of its network to 400 branches. To meet the growing requirements of its customers and its main shareholder, and in response to strong demand from within, a structured approach to sustainable development was launched in 2013. It's Kiloutou's "Challenge 13"!


  • To promote the values of the company internally.
  • To guarantee good working conditions for its staff.
  • To ensure customer safety.
  • To restrict the company's impact on the environment.


The company wants all employees to take part. A working group made up of ten or so employees worked on Challenge 13: "putting in place standards for Sustainable Development" . This group drew up a Sustainable Development Charter and made 2 recommendations: sign the global compact and orient the company towards ISO 26000, creating a standard. 

The results follow a well-structured approach:

- Impact Committee set up dedicated to CSR, representing all parts of the business.

- One person dedicated to CSR appointed, then a department of 4 people in charge of CSR and Quality was set up.

-  CSR Dashboard set up, which measures the results of each branch.

- A quality certification standard for CSR has been drawn up by the Impact Committee under supervision from a certification body. It contains 12 performance commitments divided into 3 categories: environment, social and customers. 


  • 3 groups of branches achieved IMPACT quality certification in 2014, which represents 15 branches. 
  • 4 regions of branches are on the way to certification in 2015, which represents about a hundred branches. 
  • 1st CSR report published in 2014 with commitments made for 2015. Each commitment is described with objectives in figures and a description of the approach for achieving these objectives.


  • Strong involvement from employees to make the approach coherent.
  • System for measuring energy consumption directly in some branches.
  • National indicator put in place to monitor the number of branches that use the dedicated procedure for Hazardous Industrial Waste.
3500 équipiers en France et 200 équipiers en Pologne
458 M€ (2014)


70 avenue de Flandre
59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul


Audrey MICLARD, Responsable RSE-Qualité, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 06 27 60 32 18

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