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Leroy Merlin France's workforce plays an active role during daylong sessions devoted to Sustainable Development

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


A pioneering entity within the Adeo Group, Leroy Merlin has grown today into France's leading "DIY"/building supplies retailer within the home improvement and lifestyle market segment.

Consistent with its "Vision" strategic approach, Leroy Merlin France is committed to the cause of sustainable development through its widespread campaign entitled "neighborhood focus, with a worldwide view". The challenges involved in building sustainable housing make up a major part of Leroy Merlin France's efforts. The objective is to help residents' realize their dreams by fully satisfying their expectations in terms of instruction, services and array of product lines.

Beyond an assessment of current conditions, it is now necessary to lay the groundwork for team motivation. The Sustainable Development workshops, launched in 2011, offer an initial response by encouraging all staff, both in-store and performing services in the field, to build momentum on two fronts: Inventing the Home of the Future, and Inventing the Company of the Future.


- Simulate the company's 20,000 employees to become sustainable development actors 
- Understand and share the meaning of sustainability
- Design and lay out a collective road map
- Invent and innovate


These daylong Sustainable Development training sessions invite each team to draft short and medium-term action plans that are consistent with the approaches adopted towards "inventing the home and the company of the future".

The scope of such action plans entails initiatives, like installing LED lights, availability of electric rental cars or developing a training module dedicated to "eco-sellers", and moreover proposes that all staff take the lead in promoting these topics as part of a collaborative effort.

 Information from the local road maps produced feeds the national map and helps trigger a collective dynamic that's even more powerful.

This capacity to innovate by small steps, yet within a framework well understood and shared by all, in involving the entire staff provides a strength for the company.

For now, 5,000 Leroy Merlin employees have already attended a Sustainable Development workshop.


- Consistency of attitudes towards "inventing the home of the future" and "inventing the company of the future"


-  Renewed support for the social and societal commitment
- Devoted employees sharing the same convictions in favor of developing new actions

63 000 (2013)
13 milliards € (2013)

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