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Mäder's two priorities: maintaining local employment and proximity with customers

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Mäder is an international group, specialized in the formulation of high technology Paints and Composites, aimed to meet the needs of demanding markets (Aeronautical, Rail, Automotive, etc.).The Group is committed to maintaining the job of its employees and developing local business. Its slogan “Let’s process together”. 

Mäder is the result of a real human adventure. In 1993, the Corsain Company, located in Maroeuil near Arras, was bought off by a big company, threatening local employment. Employees, town mayor and first customer all got together to stop the company from being dismantled. This start-up will leave a deep mark on the Company, to which human is at the heart of governance. 


  • Maintaining and developing local employment
  • Being always closer to partners and customers
  • Actively participating to local economic life


Successive buy-outs by Mäder led to reconcile the interests of the company with that of the employees: maintaining and developing local business and jobs, and proximity with customers.

In the wake of this value and in a context where production has to take place near local markets, Mäder does not see its international development as a way of relocating its production activities abroad for financial reasons, but as a means to follow and accompany its customers in their development.

For its geographical expansion, the company chooses to root the sites in their territory. The company makes sure local cultures and specificities are respected, in order to favour integration. HR management is thus decided independently in each country.

Finally, the company's development relies notably notably on partnerships with local institutions for each site, and local universities for research.


  • Commitment and involvement of employees for the company's project and diminishing employee turn-over
  • Maintaining skills
  • Proximity with its customers
  • Respecting local culture and values


  • Maintaining activity in rural areas
  • Recognition of the company in its social environment 
844 (2014)
180 millions deuros (2014)


60 Avenue Halley
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq


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