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MCCAIN officializes its CSR policy with its be good do good program

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


McCain is a Canadian company created in 1957 and well established in Europe since the 1960s. Its European headquarters are located in Villeneuve d’Ascq (Department 59, France). Every year, McCain processes over 5 million tons of potatoes into French fries and related products in its 7 European factories, 4 of which are in northern France. The company's CSR policy is implemented through its 5 “Be Good Do Good” pillars: Good Agriculture, Good Production, Good Food, Good Company and Good Partner. 


Good Agriculture : 

  • Work together with farmers in order to reduce crop protection product use and carbon emissions, as well as to encourage responsible water management.
  • Commitment to using only certified potatoes, in compliance with agricultural good practices (such as Global Gap or other principles of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative – SAI).

Good Production: 

  • Continuously reduce environmental impact in terms of water and energy usage, carbon emissions, and waste, throughout the whole supply chain and production.

Good Food : 

  • Provide branded food respecting strict nutritional recommendations
  • Ensure perfect transparency for every member of the value chain. 

Good Company : 

  • Reach a high level of professional commitment from employees as well as a strong sense of belonging to McCain, and uphold these strategies by maintaining a low turnover rate. 

Good Partner: 

  • Act as an intrinsic member of the local economy and take on responsibility in the face of society's challenges. 

Develop new business models with concerned parties, in order to ensure that fragile communities can thrive.


“Small Acts of Goodness” program

  • Enables each member of McCain to make the "Be Good Do Good" vision his/her own and to become an ambassador of this strategy. 
  • Work groups built on site in order to initiate and complete projects in line with the company's CSR commitments. 
  • All the necessary tools are provided for implementing their ideas: time slots, funding, training etc.

“Be Good Do Good” coordination committee

  • The committee, presided by the European CSR Manager, oversees the program, and handles indicator and action plan monitoring and changes to the Continental Europe “Be Good Do Good” commitments. 
  • Made up of the coordinators of each of the 5 pillars: the European Agronomy Manager, the European Environment Manager, the CSR, Science and Nutrition Manager, the Human Resources Manager and the CSR Project Manager.

Several “Be Good Do Good” overview reports are used for monitoring each of the “Be Good Do Good” commitments in terms of both quality and quantity.


  • 78% of the company's potato producers have been working with McCain for over 10 years and some farmers have been working with McCain for 3 generations.  
  • 150 employees, or 5%, are involved in this project and take part in 13 brainstorming sessions in 13 sites across Europe.
  • CSR criteria at the heart of operational disciplines.
  • 80% of McCain employees understand the meaning of Be Good Do Good and are proud of it.
1100 salariés (2015)
374 millions d’euros (2014)

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