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Méert commits to a Social Responsibility approach in conjunction with its stakeholders

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Since 1761, Méert has been pleasing the palate of discriminating customers with its famous vanilla-filled waffle. Pastry shop, confectionery, tea room and restaurant located in the heart of Lille, the Méert brand is also showcased at two shops in Paris and one in Brussels. The brand's expertise requires high-level skills transmitted from one generation to the next, while remaining open to innovation. A family-style business, Méert has committed to a Social Responsibility-driven strategy alongside its stakeholders.


  • Promote good labor relations and employee welfare.
  • Reduce the brand's environmental footprint.
  • Contract, to the greatest extent possible, local suppliers.


The set of actions adopted by Méert include:
  • Recruitment of underprivileged youth via the Sports-Employment License program entitled "FACE LILLE METROPOLE", which enables these candidates to obtain their Vocational Certificate.
  • Recruitment of employees from among the disabled population.
  • Adaptation of working hours to enable staff to take public transit for their commute trips.
  • Regular meetings held with on-duty chefs.
  • Meal organized once a year with all Méert employees during the Braderie de Lille (renowned flea market).
  • Use of energy-efficient equipment and enhancement of staff awareness regarding energy savings.
  • A local-centric approach by working almost exclusively with regional producers (raw materials and packaging).
  • Largest reductions possible in raw material and finished product losses through: adapted packaging choices, tracking of indicators, and employee training.


  • Recruitment of 3 disabled employees.
  • Fewer losses of both raw materials and finished products.

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