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MOBIVIA GROUP - Building a sustainable dialogue with stakeholders

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


An international group present in 16 countries, Mobivia Group is the European leader in maintenance and equipment for multiple brands of vehicles, serving more than 20 million drivers.
Mobivia Group has more than 10,400 employees divided into six activities and 13 enterprises federated by the same mission: to ensure that people can benefit from sustainable mobility.

Questions related to mobility are among the key challenges of the 21st century. Mobivia Group seeks to listen to its stakeholders to take into account as early as possible the evolutions of society and the public environment.


  • Engage in permanent multi-actor dialogue
  • Take into account all public and private reflections
  • Respond to questions and explain the approaches that have been implemented


In the context of its strategic reflections and its approach to Sustainable Development, the group seeks to establish a permanent dialogue with all actors on the basis of regular meetings with the stakeholders on its activities: some 20 participants including experts or actors of mobility, economic partners, consumer advocates, and associations on societal, social or environmental issues. 

During these meetings, the short- and medium-term challenges of sustainable mobility are addressed in the most transversal manner possible via testimonials, questions/answers, formulations of avenues for progress and proposals. An independent third-party specializing in societal dialogue runs these exchanges and handles their follow-up and their translation into action whenever possible. The content of the dialogue is shared with the general management of the Mobivia Group and its principal managers in order to be taken into account in the group strategy

In 2015, Mobivia Group organises the 6th edition of its stakeholders meeting within the World Forum for a Responsible Economy.

Best Practice spotted by the World Forum Lille in 2013 and updated in 2015 for its evolution

The meeting is with all its stakeholders : around 20 participants, among them, mobility experts or actors, economic partners, consummers lobby, NGO with societal, social or sustainable concern. That diversity and that good reprensentativeness makes the strenght of this method.


  • Anticipation of key trends


  • Integration of  CSR in the Group’s Strategic Vision: ‘‘Innovate to be a good corporate citizen’‘(read the related Best Practice)
  • Discussion about Mobivia Group’s CSR stakes and participation in Mobivia Group’s CSR policy shaping
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