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NORD’IMPRIM responds to the crisis by printing greener

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Nord’Imprim, based in Steenvoorde (59), is an offset printer specialized in small and medium-sized print jobs. Facing the economic crisis of 2009, it and its teams have adopted a new strategy: Go Green.”


  • Create a corporate dynamic on the environment
  • Involve the entire personnel and increase skill and flexibility of employees
  • Adopt a purchasing policy that favors Sustainable Development
  • Involve suppliers and customers in the approach


A dynamic on the environment
- Wastes are a priority for printers.
Nord’Imprim started by launching sophisticated selective sorting of wastes throughout the enterprise.  These wastes are now recycled, processed, and used to generate value. An employee each day ensures the respect of the rules, verifies the tracking and the nearby treatment of wastes.

- Nord’Imprim decides to consume differently.
When buying a product, Nord’Imprim takes into account the method of production, the origin of the product and the distance needed to deliver it. In July 2009, the printer decided to replace its entire stock of paper with a new paper: Satimat Green, 60% recycled and 40% FSC, produced within 30 km of the enterprise.
It imposes this paper on all its customers and thus creates a “green” dynamic with customers by raising awareness about the initiative. Nord'Imprim works in close partnership with Arjo Wiggins, the supplier of Satimat Green. In 2011, it was the first and only printer to impose this type of paper on its customers. Nord’Imprim serves as a showcase and model for paper manufacturers.

- The enterprise invested in two new Offset machines in 2010. These machines consume eight times less water and chemical products. It is also committed to using few toxic products: inks and varnish are all plant-based.

- In 2010, a Carbon Report was published covering everything from the paper pulp to delivery to the end customer.

All employees are invested in this approach and commit to leaving no traces on the paper or on the environment. The integration and well-being of each individual contribute to make this a dynamic initiative for the enterprise.


•    25% new clients

•    Evolution of results:

  •      2009/2010 : + 126%
  •      1st half of 2011 : + 28%


•    Annual savings generated by the use of this paper

  •     28 000 000 liters of water
  •     377 tons of CO2

•    Reduction of wastes thanks to this approach

  •     Before March 2009, 3.5 tons of non-paper wastes per week
  •     Since March 2009, 150 Kg of non-paper wastes per week

•    Annual water savings: 12K liters
•    Annual chemicals savings : 14K liters



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