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ROQUETTE implements its ethics policy

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Roquette is a French group, with an industrial presence on 3 continents with 21 production sites. Its business is that of processing plant-based raw materials. Its human resources include a staff of over 8,000 worldwide, from a wide range of cultures. Given the differences in cultures, practices and regulations in the countries in which the Group is present, it is necessary to implement an ethics policy to define a common framework.


  •      Define the values and action principles of the Group,
  •      Draw up the ethics charter and code of conduct of the Group,
  •      Set up and steer the ethics committee,
  •      Roll out the ethics policy to all Group sites.


In 2009, a workgroup including various Group departments and an external advisor submitted the company values and action principles to the General Management and the Board of Directors: Respect, Trust, Solidarity, Innovation, Passion for the Job and Commitment to achieve. They were approved by the General Management and the Board of Directors.

The workgroup's second task consisted of drafting an ethics charter in which Roquette makes three commitments: to sign up to the UN Global Compact, publish a Sustainable Development report each year and be attentive to external stakeholders by taking part in forums, conferences. A code of conduct was then established. In 2015, this code has been updated and will be disseminated beginning in September, through use of a communications kit, to all Group employees.


  • Responsible business,
  • Addressing stakeholder expectations,
  • Establishing CSR in corporate strategy.


  • Membership of the UN Global Compact is renewed each year.
  • The Ethics Committee is consulted several times a year to answer questions coming from the various regions.
  • Annual publication of SD report,
  • Participations in conferences, forums…
8000 (2015)
3,3 Milliards € (2015)


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