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ROQUETTE writes its first Sustainable Development report

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Roquette is a French company present on 3 continents (21 production sites) that processes plant raw materials. Its shareholders are exclusively members of the family. This means that the organisation is not subject to the law passed in 2001 on New Economic Regulations (NER law), under which businesses listed on the Stock Exchange are to include in their annual reports information on the social and environmental effects of their activities.

According to article 255 of the Grenelle 2 agreement, unlisted companies will be required to provide such reports as of 2016.


  • To meet the expectations of Roquette’s General Management
  • To write an SD report focusing on actions conducted by the company
  • To have a group-wide vision
  • To meet the expectations of stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, etc.)


At the end of 2008, Roquette’s General Management decided to incorporate a Sustainable Development cell into the Reliability Department, thereby creating up the Group’s Reliability & Sustainable Development Department (DFDD). Its first assignment was to write the first report on Sustainable Development. To do so, the DFDD relied on a benchmark of more than 20 reports, and on “best practices to improve your SD report” recommended annually by KPMG. They determined the contents of the report, then set up a network of contacts in most of Roquette’s industrial sites to collect, coordinate and disseminate each site’s actions in line with the contents. They also relied upon all communication tools available within the company (Intranet, Internet, articles published in journals, etc.). The 2 members of the DFDD team worked with a trainee (preparing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development) to write and lay out articles. The report was also printed in-house.

In order to improve the next report, the company called a consulting agency specialised in organisational communication (‘’Quel progrès!’’) to review the report. The agency highlighted the strong and weak points of the first report.

In 2014, Roquette wrote its 6th Sustainable Development Report and, for the first time, included CSR report in its Management Report, in accordance with the Decree 2012-557 of 24/04/12 on the transparency of companies for social and environmental matters.

Best Practice selected by the Lille World Forum in 2010 and updated in 2015 for its evolution.


  •  Image of a responsible company
  •  Customers’ expectations are met
  •  Corporate social responsibility or sustainable development become part of the company’s strategy
  •  Report rewarded by the French Association of Chartered Accountants – “Best first report on Sustainable Development” - recognised as “taking into account all stakeholders, including many indicators and being relevant from an historical perspective”.


8000 (2015)
3,3 Milliards € (2015)


Rue de la Haute Loge
62136 Lestrem


Anne LAMBIN, Responsable Développement Durable, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Marie-Gabrielle BAILLY, Chargée de mission Développement Durable, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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