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SNCF guarantees ethics in its business practices and behavior

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Ethics is fully in line with the SNCF strategy and value whose operations are based on shared human and ethical values. To further the group position on these exemplary stakes, the Ethic Department with the help of the group Ethics Committee launched in 2011 a new approach, renewed in 2016.


  • The objective is to accompany the SNCF journey towards sustainable mobility leadership building on the wide Group components and expertise. Such ambition requires an ethical conduct from each SNCF employee.


The Group Ethics Charter

Published in 2016, the Group Ethics Charter replaces the 2011 Ethics Guide. The charter is built on eleven principles of conduct and five values (integrity, respect, trust and valor). The document invites SNCF employees to examine ethical dilemmas they may face in specific and challenging circumstances. 

Raising awareness on the field

In 2016, the Ethics Direction put an emphasis on awareness raising interventions within the group facilities. The interventions focused on presenting principles of behavior and return on experience based on surveys carried out within the group. 123 interventions were carried out, hence an increase of 27% on 2015 baseline.

Ethics mornings

Ethics mornings are held on themes such as corruption, moral harassment, digital media, with the participation of guest speakers, leading experts in their fields.

Leading the ethics network 

The ethical approach is multiplied by the regular intervention of Ethics Referents, strong rectors in branches and central departments. 

Communication on the intranet 

New Ethics pages are available for employees on the intranet, they include a whistle-blowing system, documentation and e-learning program. New best practice leaflets were also published. 


SNCF is a founding member of Railsponsible, an initiative launched alongside five leading organizations in the railway industry, namely Alstom Transport, Bombardier Transportation, Deutsche Bahn, Knorr Bremse, Nederlandse, Spoorwege. Railsponsible promotes the sharing of strategies, best practices and tools to improve procurments. Railsponsible’s objective is to achieve a global railway industry that would have socially, ethically, environmentally and economically responsible.  

A Best Practice initially identified in 2012 by the World Forum for a Responsible Economy and updated in 2017.


  • Foster synergies between Audit, Risks, Internal Control, Financial and Ethics Departments.
  • Improve process efficiency and boost internal coherence
  • Stimulate rigor in the control and follow up of rules


  • Inner cohesion based on ethical baseline
  • Rising adhesion to the group values 
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