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ADEO GROUP’s « sharing policy »

1. Organizational Governance

Profit sharing


Adeo group invests in people as much as in its companies. Indeed, ADEO group corporate philosophy relies on the conviction that Men are one of the main assets of any company.

The sharing policy is considered in the long run and relies on 4 inseparable major focus points:
- will sharing, that is to say training
- experience sharing, that is to say long-term visions
- power sharing, that is to say responsibilities sharing
- ownership sharing, that is to say progress, results and value creation’s sharing

As for ownership sharing, ADEO group chose to share its performance with the stakeholders and players involved.
Stakeholders get a bonus based on the results of their store and these of their company, both in the short term and mid-term. Shareholding is then a visible and concrete example of the connection between the position and the entrepreneurial behaviour, between everyday decisions and the profit and loss account.

Today, 7 firms owned by ADEO GROUP offer their employee ownership sharing: LEROY MERLIN in France, Spain, Poland end Italy, BROCOCENTER in Italy and BRICOMAN in France. All together, they own 15% of the capital. 


- Promote team spirit and spirit of progress, as well as collective successes.
- Make it possible for employees to be involved in the company and contribute to its results. 


Adeo shares created value on 3 levels: in the stores through mandatory profit sharing, on a national level through profit sharing agreements, and within ADEO Group  through VALADEO Corporate Savings Scheme.

Mandatory profit sharing comes from everyone’s work and performance in the short term, coming up in quarterly bonuses. LEROY MERLIN, in an attempt to go further in its sharing policy, has signed a derogation agreement allowing it to share each year a greatest part of the profit than that required by law.
Shareholding is a win-win for both stakeholders and the company, as employees can gradually build up a personal capital to foresee great stages in their lives, as the company carries on expanding both in France and abroad thanks to the savings invested.

It also strengthens the employees’ loyalty, a source of stability for all. 

Best Practice selected in 2010 by the World Forum Lille and updated in 2012 for its evolution.


- Being associated individually in a company strengthens motivation, capacity for innovation and creativity from employees.
- Being a shareholder develops a greater results-oriented culture and involves shareholders in a sustainable relationship with its company. 


- Each shareholder may become a co-owner of a part of the company, and shareholding strengthens his sense of belonging to the group.
- 89.9% of the employees are shareholders, if it's possible for them.

114 000 salariés (2019)
23 milliards € (2019)


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