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"Let us talk energies", the major internal dialogue set up by EDF

1. Organizational Governance


The “Let us Talk Energies” internal dialogue invites EDF employees to contribute to the Group’s reflections in the implementation of the energy transition. The Multiannual Energy Programming Project was published in January and will be the focus of the dialogues this year.


  • Become, with the commitment of its employees, a real laboratory of collective intelligence

  • Promote dialogue between employees but also between the different business lines

  • Identify new solutions to the Group’s challenges

  • Decide otherwise

  • Act by otherwise mobilizing the skills of employees


From January to May 2018, open dialogues were held in all regions of France and overseas. They were led by employees-dialogue volunteers and trained specifically in this mission. Different formats were proposed: thematic workshops on the vision of the company, sharing of territorial issues with the Regional Delegates, exchanges with the members of the COMEX present, etc.

At the same time, a platform was put online, allowing those who could not make it to the dialogues to participate in the operation and submit their ideas.


  • 161 dialogue sessions and 20,287 employees hired

  • 61 organized dialogue sessions

  • 7100 contributions online

  • 389 volunteer employees participating in deepening workshops

  • 200 actionable propositions


  • Employees' sense of being listened to and sharing a common vision in response to the aspirations expressed through internal barometers

  • Creation of social links between the mixed internal populations

  • Involvement of employees through physical meetings and exchanges on a digital platform: everyone was able to bring their voice and be an actor of the future of EDF through free, spontaneous exchanges, without taboo and more in tune with a civil society in motion.
159 112 salariés (2015)
75 milliards d’euros (2015)


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