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NovoNordisk: specific stakeholders’ engagement in Russia to adapt the strategy to the local context.

1. Organizational Governance

Relations with stakeholders


Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 87 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Every 10 seconds in the world, 1 death is due to diabetes and its complications. In Russia, diabetes counts for 25% of total health expenditures.  As a world leader in diabetes care, NovoNordisk has the potential and responsibility to make a difference for people with diabetes providing innovative treatments. Implemented in 79 different countries, NovoNordisk has built an efficient stakeholder engagement strategy and has learnt from Russia’s specificity to provide an accurate answer to the country specific local context.


  •   Changing Diabetes strategy in Russia, to improve the quality of care for patients, and to ensure that diabetes receive greater attention and increased resources.


NovoNordisk identified the main stakeholders in Russia (federal and regional authorities, NGOs, patients, the medical/scientists community, media) and unite their efforts around a shared vision of changing diabetes, following different steps:

- The first Mobile Diabetes Center took place at the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States = former Soviet Union countries) InterParliament Assembly in 2005, gathering deputies and media, involving them by screening more than 500 of them, and leading to the adoption of the Model Law on Diabetes, enabling to build a real state policy on Diabetes. In November 2005, a Diabete Day was organized at the Russian Parliament with the Russian State Duma, the Royal Embassy of Denmark, and the Endocrinology Research Center. 630 persons were screened and 5% diagnosed diabetes.

- The next move to involve the state occurred in November 2006 with the World Diabetes Day at the State Duma, along with the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. More than 300 signatures were collected to officially support the UN Resolution on Diabetes.

- After this official posture, it was high time to involve the whole population, and Mobile Diabetes Center went on tour (as a joint project again, with the Ministry of Health, Endocrinology Research Center), as well as public awareness campaigns in the media. Diabetes Forums, as organized all over the world, then organized in Russia in 2008 on the initiative of the Russian and International Diabetes Federations (RDF and IDF), NovoNordisk being the general partner of the Forum. In 2009, NovoNordisk implemented a Forum in Saint Petersburg:”Diabetes: time to act!”. Russia is now a contributor of the World Diabetes Day; in 2010 more than 315,000 people in 56 countries were engaged in different Novo Nordisk-sponsored activities, including fundraisers and educational programs.


  •   Novo Nordisk has an image of a socially responsible company.
  •   51%  of market share worldwide insulin = world leader in diabetes treatment.


  •   Diabetes is now a political agenda in Russia.
  •   Now a social-political mass concern : 2009 Saint Petersburg Forum “Diabetes : time to act” was covered by 30 journalists leading to 88 publications and covering more than 14 million people.
  •   Mobile Diabetes Center: 25 000 people examined in 2002-2008.
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Jana Kotukhova – speaker at the World Forum Lille 2010

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