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The Social and Planet barometer of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: an evaluation tool for responsible performance in order to mobilize and progress

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Created in 1871, Scheider Electric is European industrial group with an international scale that produces and distributes electricity management tools as well as automations and adapted solutions for its systems. 

Since 2002, the group has started taking sustainable development steps in line with the objectives of the company, to contribute in limiting global warming under 2°C and reduce the energy fracture ethically and responsibly. In order for these actions to be efficient and become a true competitive advantage, they must be adapted and accepted by all of the internal and external collaborators of the company. A clear sustainable development performance indicator was necessary to allow evaluating and thus creating action plans and communications destined for everyone involved. 


  • Mobilize and involve staff members with the goal of achieving sustainable company objectives
  • Communicative in a constructive manner all of the sustainability initiatives to the involved parties 


Since 2005, the company has implemented a new barometer system called “Planet and Society”, creating an impact innovation dynamic centered on three sustainability pillars: People, Planet and Profit. It evolves each 3 years to adapt to successes and improvements of the company in its sustainability policies and outlooks. 

The barometer Planet and Society stands for:

  • Quantified objectives in each of the 5 priority stakes for the Schneider commitment for the 2015-2020 period;

- Climate 

- Circular Economy

- Ethics

- Health and Equality

- Development

  • The quarterly results of each of the 16 performance indicators 
  • An overall note out of 10, which indicates the overall progression in the performance.

An external auditor currently controls each indicator in order to assure that the results are unbiased and credible. 

The barometer is integrated in strategic plans of the company and each objective is defined with directions and indications in a non-unilateral manner. 

The results are communicated with all of the implicated parties on an equal basis internally through quarterly videos, and externally, mobilizing the all of the available communication channels. 

The integration of the barometer in calculation of the variable compensation criteria of “leaders” and global positions as well as in the bonuses related to interest of the two largest French entities, is an action driver for sustainability steps for 10 000 people.




  • Credibility of the sustainable development action plan according to the public, and remaining coherent to its Core Business
  • Involvement and implication of staff in the mission and values of the company
  • Longevity of the sustainable development actions, creating a competitive advantage and a differentiation factor


  • Continuous improvement of the societal and environmental performance of the company
  • Responsibility taken upon by employees 
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