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Transforming one's company with one's collaborators: the Human Adventure of BOULANGER

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


As a specialist in household appliances and multimedia in France, with more than 25,000 references and 140 stores in France, the Boulanger Group is aware of its inevitable impact on the planet. Seeking to offer a unique experience to its customers, the company relies on innovative own-brand products, designed with committed stakeholders: social and environmental criteria in purchasing or subsidiaries dedicated to repackaging to extend the life of products. Wishing to go beyond its primary environmental concerns, the company is redesigning its cultural portrait and embarking its employees on the Human Adventure to achieve its mission: "helping everyone to fully benefit from the connected world".


  • Uniting around a common approach

  • Raising awareness of the company's commitments among internal and external stakeholders

  • Preparing for change with the upcoming integration of subsidiaries


On the occasion of his 60th birthday, in 2014, Boulanger will begin a process of reflection on his cultural portrait in order to establish new bases for redefining his vision.  Three strategic pillars are defined and presented to employees in 2017: Customer Experience, Unique Offer, Human Adventure. They highlight the company's craftsman/merchant DNA and its willingness to continuously innovate.


The Human Adventure (HA) accompanies the cultural transformation of the company.  Its scope includes: CSR and the promotion of employment of disabled people throughout the company, the Boulanger Foundation, as well as the promotion and HR management of the Hub (head office).  The aim is to be as close as possible to employees and managers (at head office and in the stores in the field) so that they are the first players in this transformation.


The impetus is top-down but ideas are coming up!

  • Squads", made up of employees from different professions, come to feed the Human Adventure by bringing their ideas and contributions: dedicated platforms such as Google+
  • People Relays in the field
  • A team of 11 people brings more transversal methods, a more empowering management and a networked organization.  It acts as a resource, at the service of employees' ideas
  • 1 representative of Human Adventure at CODIR


Human Adventure is supported by the internal communication department, by events and by specific and strategic projects within the company (e.g. a day dedicated to disability in partnership with Handiamo for all head office employees).

The organisation of the head office, known as the "Hub", reflects this desire to encourage exchanges between everyone. Each person who enters the Hub necessarily passes through the "Forum", which is intended to be a place for meetings and exchanges.


  • Turnover: + 15% in 2017

  • Improving the employer brand

  • Commitment of the employees encouraging adherence to the company project and innovation



  • Sense of belonging to the "pro, simple and nice" values of the company

  • Coordinating and aligning employee-driven projects with the company's strategy

  • Ex: HAPPY 3D (Discover the GOOD PRACTICE BIPIZ), an innovation that transforms after-sales service by promoting a culture of do-it-yourself, use and open-source.

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