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With its Group Savings Plan, BONDUELLE gives every employee a stake in the company's performance

1. Organizational Governance

Profit sharing


A family-owned company created in 1853, Bonduelle is currently the world leader in the ready-to-eat vegetable sector. Its mission statement: to make vegetables the future of food. Specialising in vegetables in all their forms (fresh, frozen and in tins), the Bonduelle Group does everything it can to encourage people to eat vegetables: industrial investments, quality, marketing.

With a view to sharing created value, the group is offering a Group Savings Plan (GSP) to its employees.


  •  To offer a mechanism which allows employees to build up savings and make them grow
  •  To motivate every employee and give them a stake in the life and performance of the company


Management of the GSP has been confided to Natixis Interépargne. The GSP is made up of two funds:

- Bonduelle Valeurs: 100% Bonduelle shares, follows changes in the Bonduelle share price,
- Natixis Avenir 6 Sécurité: made up of monetary securities.

Group employees are invited to invest in the GSP, which offers various advantages. It is a simple savings plan whose flexible legal framework allows tax free capital gains.

To subscribe, 2 solutions are offered:
- Participation and profit sharing
  Participation involves sharing part of the profits of the Group amongst French employees.
  Profit sharing is the sharing of the subsidiary's profit among employees.
  Employees are encouraged to invest their participation or profit sharing bonus in the GSP.

- Voluntary contributions (including profit-sharing)

 Employees can, if they so wish, invest in the GSP for five years with voluntary contributions. When employees chose to invest their profit sharing bonus or make voluntary payments, the group makes an employer contribution representing 20% of the payment. 

In addition to these arrangements, Bonduelle has set up an interactive and detailed website for employees, simplifying the administrative formalities of subscription and monitoring.


  •  Contribution to the company’s growth


  •  Employee shareholding and profit sharing result in a strong commitment among employees
(2018-2019) : 14 589 collaborateurs
(2018-2019) : 2 777 millions deuros


Rue Nicolas Appert
BP 30173


Anne-Sophie Ketterer, chargée de mission RSE, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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