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With the EUREKA challenge, KIABI transforms its employees into “em-players”

1. Organizational Governance

Strategy and organization


Founded in 1978 in Hem (French Nord département [59]), Kiabi is specialized in the sector of ready-to-wear clothing for the whole family. The growth of the Company, over the long term, relies externally on the idea of quality fashion at low prices for the whole family, and internally on the mobilization and training of employees. Since 2010, in a more difficult economic situation, participatory management has been reinforced with the formalization of a “KIABI 2020” vision, the creation of a CSR cross-committee and the launch of the “Eureka” challenge.


  • To ensure a lasting growth
  • To involve 100% of employees
  • To value everyone's innovative ideas and encourage their implementation


Since its creation, the company has aimed to mobilize the talents and passions of its teams in order to ”Make fashion accessible to all and beautify everyone's life”.

In 2010, in order to define its 2020 Vision, Kiabi consulted all of its employees so that everyone expresses their wishes. In 2011, facing the slowdown in its activity, the General Management of the Company wanted to go further by involving all employees in the Eureka Challenge. The goal was to release positive energy to make room for everyone's creativity in a more difficult context.
The Eureka Challenge was organized within the framework of kickoff meetings during which each team was invited to suggest the implementation of innovative ideas that would contribute to the achievement of the Vision. The application of each idea was piloted by a project manager.

Examples of projects implemented:

  • a folding table which makes it easier to fold clothes instore.
  • a flash mob – that is, a choreography – performed both in Hem and in Hong-Kong by teams of the Supply chain.

In July 2012, the first “Eureka award” ceremony was held, for which 350 projects were submitted. The Executive Committee, very much involved in the challenge, selected the 9 best projects.

In view of the success of this first challenge was, the approach was perpetuated.


  • Attractiveness reinforced by the involvement of employees at the service of customers
  • Advancement of results and the overall performance


  • 78% of employees satisfied with the approach (internal survey)
  • Solidarity and cohesion of the teams, both in France and abroad
  • Pride and feeling of belonging for the employees
  • In 2012: 350 projects submitted, 9 rewarded with an “Eureka Award”


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59510 HEM


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